Soccer and the passion of the fans of Spain

football fans of Spain ZThe Spanish league are one the most seen in the world, for the names of the players who are playing are not any names you could pass by without saying it is the elites class football, as example, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi. Not only players, but also coaches as example, Pep Guardiola, Zidane. In order to hold the title of fan, it requires many skills.

First, you should know each player name and his position in the field. Second, to be aware of the tactics of the teams. Lastly, being present in the worst moment as in the joyful moments. I as a fan of Real Madrid, I always check their news online wither in the beginning of the season or during the season. Each Saturday and Sunday from September to June, I am present either in the stadium or the TV.

Sometimes I am not able to watch the game in the field, but I manage to go out with my friends in Pub or a cafe. Even though my best fried supports the Barcelona, and I am fan of Real Madrid, we sometime are gathered to watch the game live in my or his house. Me I grew up in a family who supports Barcelona, so I followed the same path.

In addition, we are all free on Wednesday night to pass our time in front of the game of Champions league. While other fans of certain clubs are traveling after their teams either to Moscow, Paris, London to attend the game of UEFA Cup. Sometimes we cry, and sometimes we laugh and celebrate after the game, but no matter what happen we stay loyal to our team. This is the identity of the fan. Although, our stadiums are free from any type of violence during and after the game. Soccer is related to feeling, sentiment, motivation those attributes of our entity have a positive impact instead of negativity on our personal and private life. This a valid requirement of a fan.

Also, We as Spanish fans do not have any racist feeling toward any players or coaches. We deal with the club members with humanity and peace. Football lovers are all over the world, for the internet and television is available for all the people to watch the games and read the news. Consequently, here in Spain, we are visited by tourists who are so friendly and peaceful to attend their favorite team live in the stadium. This what makes our Spanish League unique. Moreover, football operating category are difference, union and intersection. Ultras of Barcelona are united to support their team as the fans of Real Madrid, and both are different, but both fans of Real Madrid and Barcelona intersect with a common fact which is they all support the Spanish team.

In conclusion, we all should have a clean record as the players from kind destruction to the stadium. Also, we should be well behaved, so our kids learn from us the best manners we have. We should leave the stadium clean after we finish supporting our teams. We are the image of Spain, so be respectful to yourself and to us. Do not forget to be welcoming to the tourist who are a visitor in your country, so they revisit us again and again.