A world of sport activities in San Sebastian

San Sebastian, a coastal city in Spain experiences an oceanic climate with average temperature in summer around 22 an and rather cool winter where the mercury drops down under 10 all Although the city is mostly known for tourism and its related economy, the sporting activities in the part of the world cannot be overlooked. San Sebastian which is also called as Donostia, posses a rich sporting culture.

sport in San Sebastian FThe main sports followed here are Football, Rugby union, cycling, surfing and assortment of traditional sports. Football is by far the most famous sport of this city. San Sebastian is the home for Real sociedad de Futbol or La real, was one of the founder members of La Liga in 1928. Recently Alvaro Odriozola, as 22 year old defender from this club listed as the one of the youngest defenders to watch out for in world cup 2018. San Sebastian football clubs are known to encourage football in countries where the infrastructure is very less to develop the sport. They have invited a young girls football team from mugu, a mountain district of Nepal to participate in Donosti cup, a tournament for youth sports which is expected to commence on 07 July 2018. Notably, Mugu has no standard football ground of its own.

Followed by football, cycling is the most preferred sports, especially during the summers. Every summer, Clasica de San Sebastian a classic 232 km cycling race conducted. The 2017 editions was won by Michal Kwiatkowski a polish bicycle racer. Being a coastal city, Donostia is known for its surfing sports. The city is known for famous beaches known as Zurriola, Ondarreta and La Concha beach. Although, Autumn and winters are the best seasons to surf on Donostia beaches, High waves in the range of 1.5 to 18 ft can be witnessed almost round the year. Surfing is also famous among tourists.

There are various surf schools in San Sebastian, where they teach surfing to tourists, besides renting surfboards and wetsuits. Anoeta Sports Complex located in the southern part of Donostia is the home for Real Sociedad also hosts rugby union matches. The major teams participation in the rugby union matches in San Sebastian are Biarritz Olympique and Aviron Bayonnais, both are french rugby clubs. Along with these high level sports, San Sebastian also host a variety of rural and traditional sports such as Regatas, Pelota, Herri Kirolak, and Horse racing.

Regatas which is commonly known as Estropadak is a traditional fish boat racing which usually held towards the culmination of summer season. Pelota is another traditional sport of Donostia which is slowly gaining international significance, where a ball is thrown against the wall with the help of a racquet in the shape of a basket. Herri kirolak is the rural sport of donostia, is played by the locals includes wood chopping and stone lifting. Horse racing is another rural sport usually happens during the summers only on Sundays. Horse racing competitions such as Copa de Oro (Gold Cup) are one of the mostly followed sporting events at this part of the world.