Rare sporting activities in San Sebastian

An active city of Spain that has a lively lifestyle and is strongly associated with many outdoor sports activities. San Sebastian managed and hosted many sports events nationally and internationally. Most known competitions hosted by San Sebastian includes biking, water surfing, running and roller skaters' games. Beside international sports, this city is also known for many rare traditional and local San Sebastian games. Betting within games is the common denominator that is very popular in San Sebastian. The local games are always influenced by the betting on players and this practice becomes more popular in the 20th century. Below mentioned are few rare sporting activities that took place in San Sebastian.


Regattas in San Sebastian VThis sporting activity is also known as Regattas. A sort of boat racing that starts from the seaport, players paddle the boats and race with the competitors till their return to the port again. San Sebastian is also surrounded by sea water so this game was introduced there as a fin activity. It is a fishing boat races held mostly in summer where thousands of people arrive to watch, enjoy and play the game. Teams participate and then play, teams normally comprise of 15 persons. In San Sebastian, this game was first organized in 1879 and from then it is known as concha fishing boat race. This sporting activity happens only in summer and is conducted in the Bay of Biscay.


Pelota is one of the known and old traditional game of San Sebastian. This game is also practiced in other continents and there it is known as Basque sports. Hand pelota is most famous among all other modes of pelota. A rare sporting activity performed in San Sebastian is an indoor game a sporting activity in which players have a ball in one hand and a basket racket rapped on another hand, at one time two teams play it and makes goals on the line dawn on each side of the team. This game has roots in Spain and is known as Spanish game in the world.

Herri kirolak

The most traditional rural game of San Sebastian is Herri kirolak. It was originated as a competition to judge the best performer of the job but later it was converted as a sports activity. This rare sporting activity only took place in San Sebastian. There are different forms of competition in this sport like tree chopping, rock movers, weight carrying, sawing etc. This basically defines the best performer of a specific sport and then is rewarded accordingly.

Bar Sports

As stated earlier gambling and betting are very much popular in San Sebastian. And that’s great news for all those gamblers that enjoy spinning the night away and getting some extra cash to their pocket. You don’t have to risk anything actually, but if you don’t mind to fill your wallet using your luck, the online slots for real money will definitely be the way to get there. This sports activity is quite rare in many countries and is illegal but is acceptable and performed in San Sebastian. At the designated different bar the gamblers relax and make their betting bids on different sports games. Most popular games on which betting are made on racecourses, rural games, and other related games. A fun and rare sporting activity yet cost a lot to many gamblers.